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Focusing on produce that is indigenous to Sub-Sahara Africa, Lubanchem supports fair trade practices and adheres to the highest levels of industry integrity. Their commitment to advancing technologies and promoting sustainability has distinguished them in the global market.

Ethical business standards and eco-friendly technologies are the fundamental philosophies for the Lubanchem team. Building a business focused on wild crafted materials indigenous to Sub-Sahara Africa has proven to be a successful enterprise as they offer a wide range of high quality essential oils.

Their commitment to research and development has kept the company growing and they now have a large modern production facility. By applying the latest steam distillation technologies in pharmaceutical grade stainless steel units they are able to provide high-grade conventional oils.


Lubanchem's essential oils are 100% pure and natural and are wild crafted from sources that have been untouched by chemicals, chemical residues and other adulterants. These products are harvested in a sustainable and ecological manner in order to maintain continuing supply and resources for generations to come.


Cinnamon Bark essential oil

A potent natural antimicrobial oil, used for thousands of years. Its stimulating action works on the emotions, digestion, circulation and it is considered a whole body tonic. Cinnamon Bark is not recommended for use on the skin

Frankincense Olibanum essential oil

Has a long history of use particularly for spiritual purposes. Its aroma allows for deepened breathing and focused clarity of the mind to assist with meditation. Frankincense is used cosmetically for anti-ageing, promoting healthy cellular growth and balancing sebum

Neroli essential oil

Made from the beautiful aromatic flowers of the orange tree and is considered a precious oil. It has a hypnotic and euphoric effect on the mind while soothing and creating a feeling of peace. Neroli is perfect for exclusive skincare products with anti-ageing and cell regenerative properties

Rose Geranium essential oil

Balancing for the mind, body and skin. It levels emotional fluctuations, fluid levels, and hormonal ups and downs and helps to correct the balance of sebum for healthy skin


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